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Xpress Flex

The Next Evolution of In-Store Water Testing

From the most trusted name in pool and spa water testing, Taylor Water Technologies LLC.

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Xpress Flex is a cutting-edge water testing system that uses advanced lighting and imaging technology to provide fast, accurate, and affordable test results. 

The Xpress Flex testing system occupies the sweet spot between:

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Time is of the essence when there is a line of customers at your water-testing station. Xpress Flex helps you optimize your time with customers by performing up to 11 tests in one minute. Xpress Flex also gives you the flexibility to modify the test lineup for each customer. Based on the customer’s pool or spa, you can insert the strips you want and save those that are not needed.

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Xpress Flex utilizes cutting-edge imaging, intelligent software, and test strips that have been Engineered for Accuracy™ to provide results you can be confident in. The accuracy shown by this advanced system delivers on the promise of Taylor Water Technologies to be the most trusted name in water testing®.

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Xpress Flex provides fast and accurate water testing at the most affordable price per test. This affordability means that a typical store will significantly reduce its testing costs each season. This adds up to significant savings on your bottom line while still delivering the results you need to exceed customers’ expectations.

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Using Xpress Flex, you can customize every test you run by only using the strips you need and leaving off the ones you don’t. This system is an advanced test strip reader developed by the most trusted name in water testing: Taylor Water Technologies.

  • Performs up to 11 tests in one minute
  • Significantly reduces cost per test when compared to other in-store testing options
  • Flex Strips are engineered specifically for use with the Xpress Flex device
  • Auto-calibrating and auto-adjusting
  • Intuitive user experience simplifies staff training
  • Integrates with sureTREAT® water analysis software
  • Manufactured in the USA
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Tests for:

0–10 ppm
Total Chlorine/Bromine
0–10 ppm
Total Alkalinity
0–240 ppm
Total Hardness
0–800 ppm
Cyanuric Acid
0–300 ppm
0–5000 ppm
0–100 ppm
0–3.0 ppm
Free Chlorine
0–5.0 ppm
0–3000 ppb
Test Strips Holder with Strips


The Xpress Flex testing system includes the following components:

(Click images to enlarge)


The Xpress Flex testing system includes the following components:

(Click images to enlarge)

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